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Kricharo style Moglin editing.

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Kricharo style Moglin editing.

Post  Kricharo on Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:16 pm

Hi guys!

Bat edit.

okay then... as you can see.. i have an overall style of "glitter" "glows" "Dodges and Burns" and "Shape Morphs"
Before we start, i would just like to notify you all that each moglin might not be the same, work out as desired, nor fit entirely to specifications! I also just do edits of previously made moglins (Post any picture of a moglin... and i guarantee that i will snatch it whilst your back is turned!)

Note: All of my style edits are done using GIMP 2 so please download this before reading further. Smile

Glitter effect.

To do this, as shown on Cryst and Shard,
1)open up an image of the moglin you would like to edit.
2)Select filters.
3)Scroll down to "Noise".
4)Select "HSV Noise".
5)Adjust the different bars accordingly, then confirm it.
6)Go back to filters again.
7)Select "Light and Shadow".
8)Select "Supernova".
9)Once again, adjust the bars accordingly and then confirm it. (I usually give few spokes, small nova, and low hue.)


To do this, as shown on Morghlin,
1)Use the colour picker and choose the main colour of your moglin.
2)Choose the Airspray tool and adjust it accordingly, so that the eyes will eventually disappear.
3)Choose a different colour.
4)Using the Airspray, spray the colour into the shape of your glow.
5)Pick a final shade of the 2nd colour you picked.
6)Spray this colour into the middle of the glow.
7)Look for the water smudge tool on the toolbar, use this in the centre to blend the 2 shades.

Dodges and Burns.

To do this, as used on all my moglin edits,
1)Select the Dodge/burn tool from the toolbar. (Remember, dodge makes it lighter, burn makes it darker!)
2)Use the tool, but keep on holding it down (Otherwise it would layer).
3)When you have finished you first layer of Dodge/Burn, you can go over it again by following the previous step.
4)It leaves a nice effect if you do the opposite for ears and main colour.

Both Depression and Encrypt where created by experimenting! Try to experiment yourself, learn new techniques and create new moglins!

Tyvm for reading!

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